Tim Bemrich

by Dan published March 10, 2014

Tim Bemrich

Tim Bemrich – Age 25 – Lives in Portland Oregon – Profession/Passion: Loan Officer – Favorite Climb: Zebra to Zion, Smith Rock – Most Recent Epic: “I met up with some friends in Breckenridge for a day of snowboarding, a blizzard hit and we had a great time, then at 8pm the epic began, I started the trek to my girlfriend’s parent’s house in Denver from the resort. I was in a rental Kia Rio driving back to Denver on the I-70 mid blizzard. The conditions were so bad that I took several exits and had to reverse back onto the freeway. Hours later I arrived in the 56 degree evening weather of Denver. Phew!” – Why I Love Climbing- “It allows me something much bigger than myself to look forward to, obsess over, train for, and enjoy with the people I love. Climbing engages me in a way that no other sport has. It is nothing you can conquer or own, you are always smaller than what you are climbing and I love that after a few years of practice, I can fly across the country only to be made into a scared little kid with barely enough skill to justify being where I am at. From the moment I started traversing brick walls in the basement of a gearshop I have been hooked.”

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