Gabriel Keller

by Dan published March 10, 2014

Gabriel Keller

Gabriel Keller – Age 38 – Lives in Minneapolis, MN – Profession/Passsion: “Although I am fortunate enough to have my own architecture firm, and a profession that pays me to be creative, it is exploration and family (preferably together) that is my true passion in life. Connecting to the world, though nature and through our shared humanity, is a lifelong endeavor and one that I relish passing onto my two young children.” – Favorite Climb: “Inti Watana on the Aeolian Wall. The route has all the elements: classic Red Rocks approach, consistent 5.10 climbing for 12 glorious pitches, the unbeatable rock, and the wondrous reward of a great meal after a successful send.” – Most Recent Epic: “When my oldest son turned five this past fall, I decided it was time for him to take his first backpacking trip into the Catalina mountains. The hike was perfect and our streamside camp site was one for the ages. As we drifted off to sleep I was praising myself for being the father I had always hoped to be. This did not last long. Moments later I was awoken by the roar of a flash flood cascading down the canyon from atop mount Lemon. I managed to drag my hysterical son and our tent up into the rocks above us, where we bedded down for the night wrapped in the rain fly. I feared permanent physiological damage, but he is already planning our next adventure. Two lessons learned: perhaps climbing is the safer sport, and I never knew fear until it was for my son’s life.” – Why I Love Climbing: “I love climbing because it allows me to be completely absorbed with this one glorious moment in life – and physical and physiological connection to the rock and the natural world. It allows me to transcend all my worries, and concerns and feel the purity of what is most important in life – love, experience, and adventure.”

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