Bobby Omann

by kstrash published February 15, 2014

Bobby Omann

Bobby Oman – Age 30 – Lives in Minneapolis, MN – Profession/Passion: Regulatory Analyst at 3M – Favorite Climb: “The middle pitches at Willow River, from the move where you come around the corner and you can see the falls until the move where you crack a creek-chilled beer. The other pitches are choss.” – Most Recent Epic: “Rescued a scared, bloodied Hudson high schooler from the upper mezzanine at Willow River and then later ‘sheriffed’ him and his delinquent posse from the amphitheater. Moral of the story – if you are going to fight, you have to leave the f’n park!.” – Why I Love Climbing: “I do it for the homies.”

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