Bevie LaBrie

by kstrash published February 15, 2014

Bevie LaBrie

Bevie LaBrie – Age 37 – Lives in Minneapolis, MN – Profession/Passion: Art Therapist/My passion is to help people heal and come to life through creativity and adventure in nature – Favorite Climb: The Line, Lover’s Leap, CA – Most Recent Epic: “Putting into the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe area in a sleet, foggy, windy ice storm for my out town friend’s first time in the BWCA.” – Why I Love Climbing: I come alive when I climb … it’s the combination of beauty around me, adventure, and connection with friends. Climbing parallels my life experiences and reminds me that there is always a possible way through if I can focus, problem solve, breathe, rest when needed, and have the courage to try again.”

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