Bart Cannon

by kstrash published February 15, 2014

Bart Cannon

Bart Cannon – Age 57 – Lives in Minneapolis, MN – Favorite Climb: “must pick three – Pretty Hate Machine, Rifle Mountain Park, CO; Moonlight Buttress, Zion, UT; and Astroman, Yosemite National Park, CA.” – Profession/Passion: 8th Grade English Teacher – Most Recent Epic: “Getting lost at dusk (hate dusk, always have) while cross-country skiing at 5 degrees in February. I was eventually bailed out by two 15-year-olds. Ah, the young bailing out the old!” – Why I love climbing: I love climbing because it takes me outside in fantastic places; because of the people I’ve met, like my wife; because climbing is the greatest free entertainment in the world; and because I find it fascinating — as Todd Skinner said, ‘the delicate application of power…'”

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