Al Grahn

by Dan published February 1, 2015

Al Grahn

Al Grahn – Age: 72 – Minneapolis, MN – Favorite Climb: Beckey Chouinard Route on the South Howser Tower in the Bugaboos – Profession/Passion: I’m retired, so aside from climbing, my passion is my 2 grandchildren – Most Recent Epic: “I think the word “epic” is used very loosely. To me it means that the fear and uncertainty goes on for an extended period of time and that your life is truly on the line. I’ve been afraid, and lost, and taken falls (some with minor injuries and some with major embarrassment), gotten off route, and gotten ropes stuck, and probably a few other hassles. By my standards, I’ve never had an epic. Never even been benighted. I’ve had good partners and certainly very good luck. I climb because it takes me to some beautiful places and puts me in the moment. Both of those are hard places to get to”. Why I Love Climbing: “I climb for the wonderful friendships that I have found. And I climb because it motivates me to keep as fit as my aging body allows.”

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