Sevve Stember

by kstrash published February 9, 2014

Sevve Stember

Sevve Stember – Age 29 – Lives in Denver, CO – Profession/Passion: Middle School Science Teacher – Favorite Climb: Too tough of a question! Sport Climb: Anarchitect, Clear Creek Canyon; Trad Climb: Casual Route, The Diamond (dead vertical face positioned at 14,000 feet. totaly rad). Mr. Lean, Palisade Head, Lake Superior, MN – Most Recent Epic: “My good friend Garrison and I ventured into Eldorado Canyon, outside Boulder, CO. It was the Monday before the American Birkiebiner, so naturally I figured “cardio rest day=east climbing in Eldo.” Turns out I bargained for a little more. We climbed the first three pitches of Ruper and got lost on the Redgarden Slabs while trying to rappel. Before I knew it, dusk was setting in and we had still not found the correct rappels. Adrenaline surging, I traversed on some true Eldo choss. At one point, I thought the entire formation I was on may indeed collapse. Fortunately, it did not and I found a rappel station after some exciting traversing, choss, and down climbing. Lesson learned: know your descent. Pretty sure i already knew that lesson, but that’s life. Relearning what you already knew.” – Why I Love Climbing: “I love climbing because you get to connect with wonderful human beings while participating in wilderness settings. Too often, we are so radically disconnected from the natural world. As climbers, we get to see first hand the phenomenal reality that is the natural world. Additionally, I love challenging myself and learning from the nuances that sending a route demands.”

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