Chris Hirsch

by Dan published March 16, 2014

Chris Hirsch

Chris Hirsch – Age 25 – Rapid City, SD – Profession/Passion: Carpenter – Favorite Climb: Scirocco, Needles, CA; Animal Cracker Land, Devil’s Tower; Palace Aid, Palisade Head, MN; Highly Suspicious, Cathedral Spires, SD (that makes 4!) – Recent Epic: “Fortunately, I have not had many, but descending off Devil’s Tower in a severe thunderstorm stands out most vividly. We were rappelling in heavy rain and deafening thunder, and all the while I’m trying to teach two beginner partners how to rappel. Later, one of the park rangers told us that lightening struck the Tower several times!” – Why I love climbing: “I love climbing for its challenges, adventures, friends, and places it takes me. It has given me an identity and a sense of well being in my life.”

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