Dan Brazil

by kstrash published February 23, 2014

Dan Brazil

Dan Brazil – Age 48 – Lives in Minneapolis, MN – Profession/Passion: Attorney/Travel Writer – Favorite Climb: The Daily Grind, Willow River, WI – Most Recent Epic: “Nearly delirious from being up for 24 straight hours, 23 of which I had been climbing, we had to descend the cables route off the top of Half Dome in the dark. After reaching the base of the cables route and back on terra firma, it become evident that we still had another hour of route finding to get back to our packs where we had started the day before. Totally spent I laid down on a boulder and fell asleep, only to awake shivering an hour later. Dehydrated, with aching feet from being in climbing shoes for an entire day, we continued down a loose scree field, and then literally swam through manzanita bushes to arrive back at the base of the climb. The spring water flowing from the base of the route was like an elixir. After collapsing into our sleeping bags for three hours, we made the 10 hour hike back town to the Valley!” – Why I Love Climbing: “I love climbing for the pure joy of climbing – there is something magical that happens when I climb – when I allow myself to let go, fully embrace the moment, and believe that anything is possible. Climbing has taught me so much about myself and my limitations. It introduced me to my beautiful wife and has allowed me to forge life long friendships. Every time I return to the mountains I realize that I am small, but that great beauty is found in the mystery of it all.”

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