Climb 50x50

One Climber's Odyssey to Climb 50 Inspiring Ascents by the Time He is 50.

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Project 50×50 is the outgrowth of more than 15 years of climbing that began, unbeknownst to me, as a simple decision to go wander up a mountain. It has since evolved into a passion for climbing that has defined me and the life I lead.

I am no sage, nor do I necessarily have some innate wisdom that has transcended me to a higher plane of existence. Even so, the stories that I am about to share, the places I intend to travel, and the message I wish to communicate are powerful, filled with friendship, and steeped in adventure.  It is through this lens that I hope to:

The climbs I have vetted are not necessarily the most difficult routes, and some are just a few miles from my home in Minneapolis.  But each of the routes will test me at my limits in some way or another.

The very idea of a “project” in climbing speak is that it is a potential new route that is being attempted, but has not yet seen a first ascent.  Even though the majority of routes I have chosen are established climbs across North America, no one that I know of has ever attempted to project these 50 climbs in the same style that I plan to do them.  And to spice things up, I will be including several first ascents in remote areas of the country to share with future generations of climbers!

How I’m Getting There

With the support of my family, climbing partners, donors, potential grants, and sponsors who wish to see me succeed, I plan to document this journey by showcasing numerous ascents with HD video, photographs, and stories about the climbs, climbers, and adventures that unfold along the way.

My initial plan is to complete 22 of the 50 climbs that I believe are logistically achievable in Year 1 (2014), with little or no funding from outside sources.  Year 2 (2015) will involve climbing 25 additional routes that will demand a bigger financial commitment than what I currently am able to afford on my own.  It is for this reason that I hope to inspire others who can help me reveal my goal to a larger audience in order to garner the support I need to complete the circle.


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